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Extremely happy to have been gifted a voucher for a reflexology treatment with Sam. It was during a life-altering change, as well as a change of location. I wasn’t new to reflexology; I’d benefited hugely from an exceptional therapist in a different county, with whom I had regular treatments with.
Sam delighted me with the same professionalism, skill, and intuitive approach to her work, within a warm and comforting environment.
I’m pleased to say that I have found all my treatments with Sam very beneficial in helping calm my overstimulated nervous system; I’m able to fully relax in her presence and enter a deep state of relaxation, which otherwise I find very challenging.
I cannot recommend Sam’s expertise, professionalism, and warmth highly enough. 🤍
A TRULY HEAVENLY EXPERIENCE! My treatment at Heavenly Holistic's was a lovely soothing massage in a warm and comfortable setting. It was a wonderful experience with no feeling of being rushed. Nothing was too much effort for Sam. She expertly did her job applying just the right amount of pressure to make you feel your body was benefiting from the massage without it being painful. I had just done a 90 mile run the day before, and my tired muscles were aching when I arrived. I left feeling rejuvenated, moisturised and soothed. My treatment was good value for money and the fact it ran overtime didn't make me feel she was hurrying me out. She was patient and lovely however much I talked!! Her studio is a calm and lovely environment with soft, gentle music, privacy to change and a glass of water to re-hydrate. The whole experience is a little bit of luxury I really look forward to, especially after a hard race! 
Sam is an excellent therapist who really taps into what you need....even if you don't know it yourself! I've had reflexology, massages and even tried Reiki with Sam and I would recommend all of them! I leave feeling revived and relaxed and float out of there! We are moving out of the area but I know I will be travelling back to continue to use Sam for some all important 'me time'!
Thank you Sam for a really great treatment! My massage hit just the spot and my back felt much better afterwards. The reflexology was very relaxing and I really felt the benefit from it. I was extremely chilled out all afternoon and slept really heavily that night! I will certainly be going back again.' 
I first visited Sam for reflexology to help relax after struggling to conceive for a number of years. I had only a handful of treatments before I became pregnant with our first child! The treatments definitely helped me to relax and re-focus and flush out any negativity I'd been feeling. I still visit Sam now to help cope with the stresses & strains of parenting!
Sam is the ultimate professional whilst being very personable & just lovely! The whole experience feels gorgeous from the moment you walk into the treatment room. And her new bed is so comfy I find it very hard to leave!!
Thanks Sam for making me feel so much better each time I see you!
Lovely to meet you yesterday & thank you for the treatment. I had a great nights sleep with hardly any sweats. There is definitely something going on with my body as I have varies twinges & aches particularly in my right arm & tops of my legs! Looking forward to my next appointment.
A wonderful experience! No rushing or feeling you are in a production line - just pure pampering - just what is required after a half marathon followed by a gruelling night shift!! Fantastic!
I have been coming to Sam for 5 months for reflexology during a stressful period. Sam makes reflexology an enjoyable and relaxing experience and I have benefited from my monthly treatments in various ways. I have had longstanding (tiredness) headaches at the end of the day and they have gone apart from the occasional one. I also found that the treatment helped me to sleep through the night which I hadn't been doing and also feel that the treatment helped me keep going during a difficult time and feel relatively calm. Generally I feel I have greatly benefited from Sam's reflexology treatment. 
“I have been receiving treatments from Sam for the past 6 months and would recommend her to everyone . Her massages are amazing and she always gets just the right spot !! Sam is very professional in her work and I always feel so much better and more relaxed after my treatments.”
I first saw Sam in November 2012. I had been suffering with severe hot flushes due to the onset of early menopause caused by treatment for cancer.
Sam was very professional, explained how reflexology works and how it could help. It was a very relaxing experience, and the hot flushes decreased dramatically, and then stopped completely after only two sessions. I feel confident that the reflexology has helped tremendously and would be happy to recommend Sam to anyone. 
"I had never had a Reiki treatment before and Sam was very helpful and explained what I should expect. The treatment was extremely relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I left feeling totally relaxed and revitalised and will definitely will be returning for more treatments. Thank you Sam"
I can confidently recommend Sam, I was first introduced to her about 2 years ago when I had Reflexology, it was a wonderful calming experience.
I have also enjoyed Massage and Reiki, I felt so relaxed and it eased my aches and pains. I have always felt comfortable with Sam, she is so caring and very professional.
I have at last found the most fantastic Reflexologist in Sale, thank God.
I don't know what Samantha did to me yesterday but I have woken up this morning feeling like I have had a knee transplant!!! 
I don't know how it works all I know is I feel fantastic!!!


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